Thursday, August 25, 2011

What if a great wave should wash us all away?

From the song PIG by DMB. I know, I know, it's kind of inappropriate, yet so appropriate at the same time! I decided to use the DMB lyrics as my titles this week and I'm sticking to it! Although at this point, I'm not that sorry about not going to the concert. Who wants to be stuck on Governor's Island in the middle of a hurricane? Not I!!  This definitely fit with the theme of my day.. shopping for flashlights and such in case this Irene chick decides to wreak havoc on the the northeast over the weekend. Target was MOBBED. The non-perishable food aisle was insanely packed. But hey, who am I to criticize? I was there too! Running straight to the flashlights when I heard a kid say to his mom "wow there are only 3 left!"

This outfit was actually worn a couple of days ago. About the pony tail.. it's a fact of my life since I had Robert. I don't wash my hair every day. That might seem gross lazy to some people, but, well, OK maybe it is (slightly). My hair is very thick, naturally wavy but not curly which = frizziness if I don't style on a regular basis.  I either straighten it, which means I can get another day out of it being straight without washing or I go wavy, which means the next day it will be in a pony tail. I think I have worn my hair wavy almost every day this summer. Last winter I cut it into a short bob and I loved it.. but it was a lot of work.. I had to straighten it every day and no pony tails. BUT it was really cute/flattering so I might do it again this fall/winter. We'll see!

Shirt: Gap Outlet (summer 2011)
Cutoffs: Gap Outlet (summer 2010)
Belt: NY&Company (spring 2011)
Flippies: OLD Navy (long time ago)
Necklace: Lia Sophia 

This necklace reminds me of a Dave Matthews Band concert,
I am totally wearing it to the next one I go to! 

Yikes! I am shiny. Anyone have a foundation compact?

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