Monday, August 15, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays...

...always get me down! Well not always, and not this Monday because I bought a shawl sweater at LOFT recently that is perfect for a rainy summer day. It has a hood. I love hoods! I was also excited to put on my J.Crew rain boots that I haven't worn since spring. I never thought I would be excited to pull these out again because they got so. much. use. last winter/spring between the crazy snow and torrential storms we had. But after a few months they feel new again. It's always fun to pull out items that haven't been worn in a while. Makes me look forward to fall, crisp mornings, boots, sweaters, tights, etc. What items are you looking forward to wearing again as the season changes?
I tried it tied 
And left open 
Tank: H&M (pretty old)
Shawl: LOFT recent purchase, no longer available on-line, check stores
Jeans: Old Navy (2 years ago)
Rain Boots: J.Crew (Christmas gift from a couple of years ago)
I was tempted to pose outside with my navy umbrella that matches my navy
rain boots but I chickened out! 

Ring & Earrings Lia Sophia 

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