Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Put a smile on your face!

I am attempting to keep on trucking along on this blog even though my house is kind of in disarray at the moment. Our guest room, which is where I usually take pictures, is currently housing the salvaged contents of my basement and the memory card from my camera is literally full of pictures we took for the insurance company. So it's the i-phone and bathroom mirror for now.
Cardigan: LOFT
Tank: Gap Outlet
Shorts: LOFT
I love that striped cardigan, seriously one of my favorites.. I think I have a
major obsession with stripes.. do I need an intervention? 
The past couple of days have been hurricane aftermath related.. cleaning up the basement, talking to insurance to see what kind of coverage we have, meeting with the contractor, etc. It's all a little stressful and overwhelming and I don't want to turn this post into a rant about it so I won't.

Today consisted of replenishing my fridge at Shoprite. While I was there I saw something that reminded that this is really not a huge deal at all in the grand scheme of life. Inconvenient? Yes. But I can handle inconvenient.

I was supposed to head into work today to set up my classroom but when I called the secretary told me that the custodians were too lazy busy and hadn't gotten to clean our section of the building yet.  Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for custodians.. or at least the custodial staff that has worked in my building in the past. This current staff? Not so much! They like to play the "we are so busy and understaffed" card waaay too much. I basically cleaned my classroom myself every day last school year and I would go in and clean it again now if they let me. I just want to set up and be prepared for next week. OK so instead of ranting about my basement this turned into a giant complaint about my classroom and custodial staff. Oops, sorry! Oh well, I guess it's extra time with little R and a much needed nap on the agenda instead. I think I'll take it :)

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