Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing Closet Dress Up

Every once in a while I like to play "dress up" in my own closet. Of course I don't have much time to do this anymore, but last night, the babe was sleeping and I had lots of caffein running through my system and felt wired, so I decided to shop my closet.  I grabbed one of my favorite shirt dresses and started thinking of different ways I can style it.  When I saw this really cute shirt dress and tie combo on Kish I thought it was a great idea, but don't know if I can pull off an actual tie yet, just don't feel brave enough! So I looked through my closet and tried some different things, different belts, scarves, and finally settled on a pink sash thing (I have NO idea where this even came from!). I removed the cheap fabric belt from the shirt dress and pulled the pink sash through.
Sorry for the awful photo quality, I was too lazy to go
downstairs and grab my camera so the iphone had to do.
Closer look at the sash
I think I like this and would definitely be able to wear it to work. Believe it or not, using the sash as a belt is out of my comfort zone. Baby steps!

I also dug these oldies out of my jewelry box.  They are murano glass beads that I purchased on a trip to Venice Italy many years ago. The colors tied in very well with the sash.  The shoes are Kenneth Cole unlisted via Marshalls.

Dress: H&M (3 years ago)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Unlisted via Marshalls
Necklace & Bracelet: Italy
sash: ??

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  1. "Baby steps"! You are too cute! And you look fabulous, by the way. I really like the way the dress fits you, the pop of color with the sash was right on, and the entire outfit was perfectly punctuated by the pearls!

    p.s. Thanks for the shout out! ;)