Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunshine Daydreams

This is not a post about me dreaming of sunshine on a cloudy day :) It's actually the name of a cute little shop in Point Pleasant Beach NJ. Let me start off by saying I am no way affiliated with this store, I just think they sell super cute stuff and wanted to share.

Sunshine Daydreams is mainly an accessory shop. They sell great costume jewelry, hair accessories, tote bags, scarves, and fun whimsical items (think key chains, travel mugs, jewelry cases and catch alls). This shop is located very close to where my parents live and I literally have to stop myself from pulling over and going in whenever I visit or I will spend major $$. It's a great go to place for gifts (and I almost always end up getting a gift for myself as well :) They are affordable as well. So if you are ever in the NJ shore area or know anyone who lives in NJ, let them know about this great little place! Here are some of my favorites:

My most recent purchase! I love the colors, perfect for fall!