Friday, May 11, 2012


Funny story about these green pants. I wore them on the 1st day of our state testing a few weeks ago. I was feeling kind of exhausted that day and had my teacher assistant dismiss the kids (we dismiss right from the classroom). She opened the door for one of my parents and told her that her son needs to focus and do a better job of listening to directions on day 2 of the test. The mom kind of nodded, half listening, then looked at me (I wasn't far from the door, still in eye-shot) and yelled "I LOVE your pants, I have the same pair, from NY&Company right???" I smiled, nodded my head and my T.A. closed the door. We both looked at each other, didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, who cares about the test when the teacher is wearing such awesome green pants! We decided to laugh, because.. I mean it was kind of funny, especially the way she yelled into the classroom and all. Now we've affectionately nick-named this parent "NY&Company". These green pants must be a big seller this spring!

I am linking up with Tara from Mix and Match Fashion  for Teacher Appreciation Week. I appreciate all the great teacher's out there!!

Jacket: Loft (fall 2011)
Sweater: Gap Outlet (Spring 2012)
Pants: NY&Company (Spring 2012)
Necklace: Loft Outlet (last year)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (last year) 

Shoes, not in the picture

Monday, May 7, 2012

Brightening My Day

I wore this outfit on Easter and decided to go with black shoes.. today I was in the mood for some color to brighten things up and added the pink peep toes. A little color goes a long way, especially on a dreary spring day : )

Jacket: Loft Outlet (spring 2012)
Shirt: NY&Company (recent)
Skirt: Loft (recent)
Shoes: Aerosoles Outlet (spring 2012)
The actual color of my shoes