Sunday, August 7, 2011

This outfit brought to you by... a house centipede!

I've been stuck in a little bit of a fashion rut, which usually happens to me around this time of the summer. It's just too easy to get into the routine of shorts and tank tops when I'm home all day. Most people who work and get time off embrace this, but I am a person who loves to get dressed. I like to look cute. I'm a "girly girl" for sure.  I know fashion bloggers get their inspiration from other bloggers, celebrities, clothing websites, etc. I figured why not take my inspiration from something that's a little closer to home. Centipedes. That's right, centipedes.

Here is the scenario: I'm on the phone with my girlfriend and we're chatting it up about the usual gossip, kid stuff, etc. I am multi tasking as all moms do, talking and cleaning up the dishes in the sink at the same time. We were in mid conversation about a book that I had just finished reading when all of a sudden I let out a "AAHAHHAHAHAAHAHA!" blood curdling scream.  And then I instantly stop and start banging a spatula in the sink. My friend is frantic on the phone, thinking I've just been murdered. "No, no, I'm fine, it was just another centipede." Oh she understands now, as does anyone who knows me fairly well because I talk about how these nasty creatures have taken up residence in my home all the time. 

If you've never seen a house centipede, consider yourself lucky. I hadn't before we moved into this house and now I have a sighting on an almost daily basis during the spring, summer, and early fall (winter is our only safe time). If you are not easily grossed out here are a couple of pictures of what we're dealing with.

OMG I just had to take a moment to calm down after reading a comment on that blog about how one of them crawled across someone's FACE. OK, deep breaths, let's continue.

They come in from outside and find moist areas in the house (pipes, basements) to crawl in. We see them in our basement and our upstairs, rarely in our 2nd story bedrooms, thank the Lord! We found out through an exterminator that they are almost impossible to get rid of. On the bright side, they keep all other insects away, because, well, they eat them. And even if they didn't, heck, they sure are scary enough, they've nearly driven me out of my own house! So I figured, if I can't beat them, I might as well try to blend in and join them! Here is my earthy colored, centipede inspired ensemble:

 Tank: Gap Outlet (last summer)
Sweater: LOFT (summer 2011, no longer available)
Cargo Shorts: Target (last summer)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction hand me down flip flops from my sister
Bracelets: Sunshine Daydreams Shop, Point Pleasant NJ
Necklace & Rings: Lia Sophia
I come in peace centipedes! 

Hey, I need a little wedge heel for stomping on the suckers.
So what do you think? Would the centipedes approve? Do I blend in enough? I know! I should start an outfit challenge of dressing like your favorite insects! Monday, ladybugs, Tuesday, grasshoppers... just kidding :)  Hope I didn't gross out offend anyone too much and you enjoyed reading about my daily horror of living with centipedes!


  1. The only residence I've had consistent centipedes in so far (knock on wood) was a duplex I lived in like 5 years ago. We lived on the second floor of the duplex, so I have no idea why they were up there, but I know our friends below us had the same problem. And the scariest thing is how fast they move! They are speedy little buggers.

  2. Yes they are SO fast! And I feel like if I try to hit one with a magazine or something, it always gets away and runs straight for me. Ugh, they are awful.