Monday, January 30, 2012

These Small Hours

When I started this blog I didn't know what direction it would go in. I wanted to do something that would get me writing again and I like clothes and shopping so when it went in the outfit/fashion direction I wasn't surprised. I've never felt that this is exclusively a "fashion" blog and wanted to include writing about other stuff that goes on in life. I have not done that in a while but yesterday while I was sitting around, having a relaxing Sunday with my little family this came to me and I decided to jot it down. Here it is, my attempt to freeze a moment in time...

Watching my little boy color, cut, practice writing his name. He's sitting at the kitchen table, his little feet not yet touching the floor. He's 4 years old. Where did the time before this January day go? How quickly will the time after this day pass? I wish I could bottle these little moments and store them away somewhere.. Then someday in the future when I'm missing my 4 year old Robert I can open the bottle and there he will be, smiling, sweet, telling me I'm the most beautiful, wonderful mommy in the world. Playing with his Hot Wheels. Sitting on the floor with mom and dad for an intense game of Busy Town. Learning to read the words on the pages of his favorite books.  Maybe someday I'll have that bottle to open. At least there will be pictures, videos, and these written words to help me remember. And right now I will treasure each moment I have with this little boy version of my sweet son.

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  1. My daughter is four also...I know exactly how you feel. :) This was a super sweet post.