Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Wow so THIS is what winter feels like. I had forgotten. I'll take those 50-60 degree temps back thank you very much!

Today called for warmth and layers so I did just that: black jacket over my pink top over my tan cami and wool pants over my tall boots over my grey knee highs. I even wore 2 scarves today and in my green LLBean jacket I felt toasty warm.

After looking at my first picture (not included because it was too blurry) I realize that my pants are too big and that is not a flattering look! I've been having issues with pants lately, just can't find a style/fit that I love. I shop a lot of Loft, Gap, Banana, and NY&Co so if anyone has a fit that they love from one of those stores or even another, feel free to let me know!!

Jacket: Loft (recent, Christmas gift)
Scarf: Loft (recent, Christmas gift)
Top: Loft (last year)
Pants: Loft (last year) 
Boots: Nine West via Macy's (fall '11) 

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