Monday, January 16, 2012

The "Itch"

It happens to me every year without fail, usually around mid-winter. I get the "itch" to buy new stuff. And I don't mean new winter stuff that's on really great sale or clearance, I mean new spring stuff because, you know, I don't have another 2 + months of cold weather to get through! It makes PERFECT sense for me to run out and buy sleeveless tops,  cute little sundresses, and peep toe wedges. Yes, I am rolling my eyes at myself right now. I usually don't get this feeling until around February or so, but I guess since our winter has been so tame, it's hitting me a little sooner. (Now that I've typed "tame" and "winter" in the same sentence, I'm sure a blizzard will be forecasted by tomorrow!)
Well I've convinced myself that I can have patience and wait it out, not buy new stuff just yet. I'm focussing on trying to bring out things I haven't worn in a while, maybe try some stuff on and remix if I get a chance to. I put myself on shopping restriction this month... well I was weak and broke it in banana outlet (only bought 1 thing, but still..). I'm trying to learn to enjoy what I have, not rush into buying new stuff, and most importantly, not rush time. I have a big ugly habit of doing that! So the cute Kenneth Cole Reaction espadrilles that I ALMOST bought will have wait, a least a little while longer :)

Sweater Dress: Macy's (last year)
Leggings: Loft (last fall)
Boots: Nine West via Macy's (last fall)

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