Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rainy Day

I didn't actually wear this outfit today, but it would have been a good rainy day outfit so there you go! I had an awful day at work yesterday. The one thing about being a teacher, and that I'm sure many teachers can relate to, is this: Most of the time it's the adults who are the trouble makers, not the kids. Put a bunch of women together in a female dominated field and some trouble is bound to get stirred up every so often. Yesterday was one of "those" days. The good news is it's over and I survived. And the kids are still cute. How do you not love a little mop top, peanut of a boy, coming up to you with huge eyes and stating "next month is February, do you know that it's LOVE month. We all have LOVE in February." I guess you had to be there but if you were, you would have been "awww" ing, trust me :)

Sweater-tunic:  Style & Co Macy's (last year)
Turtleneck: Gap (old)
Leggings: Loft outlet
Boots: Nine West via Macy's (fall 2011)

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