Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Better in Person

Yes I'm still trying to show off my red shoes.. 

I feel like this outfit looks better in person than in photo. At least that's what I HOPE!
I like my new hair but it's a pain to style. Whoever thinks shorter hair is easier to manage has probably never had short hair, or hair that is my texture anyway. I washed it for the first time since the haircut last night. It took straightening cream, hair dryer, several hair clips, a round hair brush,  my flat iron and lots of tsking to get it to took somewhat like it did when leaving the salon on Saturday. Tomorrow is my first "morning" hair styling of this "do". I'm not about to get up earlier than my 5:30 alarm so wish me luck!

Blouse: Loft Outlet
Cardigan: Loft (recent)
Pants: Gap (recent)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Flirt it Up (still available in the outlet,
just saw them today) 

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