Monday, January 23, 2012

Battling the Elements

We finally got some snow in NJ this weekend. Finally, as in, it was bound to happen at some point so it might as well be this past Saturday. Not finally, as in, IT FINALLY SNOWED! YAY!

Don't know why this picture came out so funky.. stripes? 
No, not a huge fan of snow here. You see I don't have the cough privilege of having a parking lot where I work, so when it snows I have to deal with finding parking on street & getting over the huge mounds of snow. Then I have to walk to my building from whatever spot I managed to shove my car into, battling the snow, ice, and slush and trying not to fall flat on my butt. So every time it snows I can kiss my heels, suede, and leather shoes goodbye for a while. I am self proclaimed shoe girl, and this makes me cranky. Last winter I lived in my brown LLBean snow boots from December until March. When I pulled them out on Saturday they had a layer of dust covering them and dare I say I was slightly excited to wear them. (they are still shoes after all) Luckily the temperatures are rising and the snow will be short lived. Today was more of a rain boot day so I pulled out my navy blue pair from J.Crew and kept my outfit on the the casual side, waiting to trip and fall into a slush puddle, or for the inevitable icicle to fall on my head. It never happened but at least I was prepared!

Striped Top: Banana Republic (last winter)
Grey Button Down: Old Navy (2 years ago)
Leggings: Loft
Rain Boots: JCrew (Christmas gift 2 years ago)

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