Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pink is my Signature Color

I threw on this pink jacket over my new green Loft sweater dress. I found this dress on the sale rack, actually I found A LOT of these dresses on the sale rack and that had me thinking it wouldn't work out for me, but I tried it on and thought it was cute. I wore it to work today and got a ton of compliments on it. This will be a go to dress for me during fall/winter..  it's easy to move around in and perfect with tights and boots.

Lately I have blogger paranoia. Nobody in my life besides my husband knows about this blog and I want to keep it that way for now. Today when I was getting compliments on my outfit I had a panicked feeling for a minute and I thought to myself "I wonder what they would think if they discovered this blog?" I know I shouldn't care but I hate when people are overly critical and I know there are people in my life who won't get why I'm doing this. I've actually been thinking about stopping for a while, but that will only hurt me.  Writing is a great outlet for me to release stress. Then I thought about steering away from the fashion angle and focussing more on other things. I like the way I dress, but I'm not the most creative and I'm actually OK with that. Plus I'm on my own with taking pictures and have a plain old point and shoot camera (with no plans to upgrade any time soon) so my pictures don't come out great. Maybe I can make myself more anonymous somehow. Or maybe I just need to step away for a while. Anyone else go through this and have any suggestions??

Dress: Loft (recent)
Jacket: Gap (old)
Tights: Dress Barn
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: Sunshine Daydreams

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