Friday, September 16, 2011

A little appreciation goes a long way...

As I mentioned in the last post, it's been a long week. Kindergarten in September is tough.. the kids are babies and just want to play all day long, but I have an actual (challenging) curriculum that needs to be taught and to break them of that "play" mentality takes a lot of time, patience, and constant repetition and reinforcment. I have repeated phrase such as "don't forget to raise your hand" and "please don't get out of your seat" and "please push your chairs in" so often that I no longer have a voice. I think I mentioned in yesterday's post that I have a little girl who has cried all week long and doesn't speak a word of English. I have tried to help her by speaking comforting words in my fa-cocked version of Spanish/Italian. I speak a little Italian and since Spanish and Italian are so similar I have invented a new language.. Spatalian anyone? Well it's been working for me this week! The little girl's mom decided to gift me with some jewelry to thank me for being so kind and patient with her daughter. I have to say it felt very nice to hear her sweet words and get the gift. Teaching is an often thankless job and a little appreciation goes a long way, at least for me!

Jacket: LOFT (recent purchase)
Shirt: Old Navy (last year)
Pants: LOFT outlet (last year)
Shoes: Bandolino (many years ago)
Ring: gift from a parent
I am not a huge animal print person but decided to throw
these on to "spice" up my outfit. 

Part of my "bling" gift. It hilariously matched my shirt and
necklace almost perfectly!


  1. It sounds like your doing a lot of great work with those kids. And you look great. I love the bling!

  2. Thanks! I really do try to do my best for these kids!

  3. Yes...this is the story of many-a-teacher! Kudos to you for finding a way to make it work with the little girl!

    And you look so cute! The color combination of this outfit is winning...and those shoes! You should pull those out more often!

  4. Aww, that was so sweet of that parent!! Stories like this make me so eager to get certified and get in a classroom around those sweet kids!

    That ring is so cute and I love those shoes!

  5. I found you from the Proper Professional post over at A Working Mom's Closet. Love your outfit, especially the shoes, and your sweet story. It's SO nice to get a little appreciation for work. Oh, and I know I got through many a vacation in Italy with nothing but Spanish, so I'm sure the Italian works just fine.

  6. My mom and sister are teachers and they are AMAZING! I don't know how they do it some days.
    I have barely enough patience for my ONE child..let alone a whole classroom of them:)
    Kudos to you!

    Love the outfit..especially the shoes...found you from Working Moms post..definitely following along:)