Monday, July 23, 2012

Things I Love About Summer: Iced Drinks

I stopped at Wendy's today after Robert's swim class to get a skinny vanilla ice coffee and found out that small iced coffee at Wendy's is free for the month! That prompted me to create this post about my favorite summer iced drinks. This is something I really do love about the warm weather. I actually prefer iced coffee to hot coffee and usually switch over as soon as the temperature rises above 50 in the early spring. I've started making my own. I make a single cup in my keurig after my morning cup, stick it in the fridge until afternoon when I'm ready to have it, throw in some ice and my favorite flavored creamer and presto! It tastes as good as any store bought brand.
I DO however, still like my store brands of iced drinks as well. Here are 3 of my favorites:
Wendy's skinny vanilla iced coffee
(small is free this month!) 
Starbucks black tea lemonade 

Dunkin Donuts iced coffee in blueberry or french vanilla flavor


  1. I wish I knew the coffee was free this month with more time left in the month! :)

    I like iced coffee more than hot too. I would take hot tea over coffee any day.

    1. Me too! Well At least there are a few days left.. maybe they'll continue into August.

  2. Love iced drinks!! It's been so hot out that is all I can take now! Starbucks had free Very berry refreshers two weekends ago!

  3. I love iced drinks! It's been so hot outside, that is all I can drink for now! Starbucks had free very berry refreshers two weeks ago!