Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Best Outfit EVER!!

Need I say more?? I have never gotten so much attention for something I've worn! My friend was the  pig which means I had the extra fun of knocking into her all day long as a joke. Yes, the kids loved us, it was a nutty day, made even more insane by the amounts of SNOW on the ground. We had to move our parade indoors. The reaction to our angry bird/pig combo costume was either confusion (huh, what are you? a lot of people thought my friend was a frog) to random parents snapping pictures of us like we were celebrities.

Oh yeah and little R dressed up too..  I forgot Halloween is supposed to be for kids. My husband had to keep reminding me as I pushed R to go for the kit kats and reese's peanut butter cups while we were trick or treating :)
Little Dino R

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