Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who's Meaner?

I'm not the perfect mom by any stretch. I let my kid have sugar products, watch T.V., and heck, I don't even give a bath every single night during the summer (the pool counts, right? :) I love being home with my little guy right now. I get to spend time with him that I miss and crave during the 10 months that I'm teaching. But it's usually around this time of the summer that I start to hit a wall. Play dates, swimming pool, beach, sprinkler park, shopping malls, playground, library group. I try to keep our days filled with activities to stimulate both of us. Yesterday was just one of those days. We ran errands. We went in the baby pool (well he did), we went in the big pool, Robert took a nap, woke up and I felt myself staring at the clock wondering how in the heck we did all that and it was still only 3:30? So it was "downtime" which for me means I play that ridiculous  Zumba game on facebook and for Robert it means he plays with his toys or watches T.V. 

Usually this is fine by him but sometimes it isn't. He likes to climb on top of me just as I'm trying to fire the little colored balls at the snake thingy. I miss. I get annoyed. I snap. And then I'm labeled as "mean". So yesterday's exchange went something like this: "Mommy you're MEAN." Me: "Well that was mean of you to call mommy mean." R: "You're mean mommy!" Me, "It's mean that you're bothering mommy while I'm trying to play the Zumba game."
This went on for about 30 seconds, 30 seconds too long of course! I should not be arguing with a 3 year old. I also should not be so addicted to Zumba blitz but that's another story. In the end dinner was cooked, dessert was eaten, more fun outdoor activities were played. And mommy was loved once again.


  1. Have you been peeking into my house? Lol!
    I second everything (except I play Ka-Glom on my cell phone)!!!!

  2. Ka-Glom? Oh boy, I better not check that out! Bejeweled is my game of choice when it comes to phone games :)