Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just in case..

I decide to go the fashion route with this.. not sure if I will or not but I do love clothes and I've tried not to get caught in the mommy fashion rut since I've had Robert.  As a teacher I dress professionally, but try to keep from being stuffy or too "school-marm-ish". I think I do an OK job. Summer is a different story and it's easy to get stuck in the shorts/t-shirt/flip flop routine everyday.  We also have a lovely pool in our yard (coming in handy during this current ridiculous heat wave) so it can easily become a swimsuit/cover up/flip flop routine.  This summer I'm challenging myself to try and throw on some dresses and keep it cuter, even if still casual. This is what I wore yesterday. Ann Taylor Loft dress and (really old) Old Navy flip flops.  All we did yesterday was a breakfast out and shopping trip with my mom.


  1. Very cute and perfect for summer!

  2. I love this dress! I had my eye on it at LOFT. I'm not sure if it's even online anymore. I'm going to check....NOW!