Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outlet Queen

When I post outfits you might see the word "outlet" attached to end of it quite often. That's because I live in NJ and I have 3 major outlet centers all within 40 minutes of my house.  Teachers also get coupon books when we show our school ID so I get extra savings on top of the already great savings! This outfit is kind of plain, just jeans and a t-shirt. I tried to make it cuter with the necklace and fun shoes.
T-shirt: Gap Outlet (spring 2011)
Jeans: Gap Outlet (a couple of years ago)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction - Screen Gems available here
Necklace: Charming Charlie (spring 2011)
I love Charming Charlie! They have the cutest accessories and this necklace has been one of my favorites this spring/summer.

Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes. I have a lot of Kenneth Cole shoes because my sister works for the company! Sorry for the foot shot!


  1. Do you find outlets to have lower prices most of the time? It seems like the ones in Orlando don't really so much. The Victoria's Secret outlet does have pretty good prices, and the Charlotte Russe one too, but the rest of the stores all seem to still be too expensive for me.

    I love that you jazzed the outfit up with the necklace and shoes! Accessories are magic. You look adorable!

    I noticed that you're a teacher; do you follow Hope and the Dress Code, Tara of Mix and Match Fashion, Kish of Me, Myself, and Style, or Sarah of Classroom Chic? They're all on my blog roll and they're all teachers too. I'm sure there are others but I have a horrible memory can't remember them all.

  2. Your necklace is awesome! And the little pirate cupcakes are super cute in your post from today!


  3. Thanks Heather!

    Thanks Melissa!
    So fun to read comments on here!
    To answer your question Melissa I do feel like prices are lower, even if just a little, at the outlets. I like to shop at stores like Banana Republic and The Gap and I definitely think those two stores are pricier in their "regular" version as opposed to the outlets. I also like LOFT but I find the outlet and regular store are kind of a wash. Regular LOFT has great sales plus I get 15% off being a teacher. I'm not big on the major designer outlets so maybe that's why I feel like I get pretty decent savings. And yes, I do follow those blogs, they are all great!

  4. I'm jealous.
    Four outlets within forty minutes.
    And more importantly, you get a coupon book for being a teacher?!

    I need to move to New Jersey just so that I can shop those outlets! (That's actually quite pitiful, on my part.) LOL!

    By the way, stripes are a small obsession of mine so I love your tee and jeans look. Perfect for shopping!

  5. Kish I have been slightly obsessed with strips lately as well. And also any combo of the orangish/coral color!

  6. I think your outfit is so cute--totally something I would wear. And I love that necklace. :)

  7. Thanks! And I love your blog name. Too funny :)