Friday, December 9, 2011

Who are you calling "worst dressed"??

I was listening to my favorite Christmas music station in my classroom this morning and the trivia question of the day was "what is the worst dressed profession?" "teaching" I blurted out before I even had a chance to think! Wow, I am a traitor to my own career and colleagues. But sadly I was correct. Well, "not me" is what I thought as I stood decorating my classroom with more gingerbread houses in my 3 inch skinny heeled metallic Kenneth Cole boots. "I am stylish," I thought to myself... I mean, how many Kindergarten teachers do you know who wear 3 inch skinny heels to work?? Yes, I was pretty impressed with my stylish self.. and then I nearly tripped over a small chair. As you can see from the picture, the boots did not make it through the day. At least I WAS smart enough to bring a back up pair of flats with me.. they were also metallic, don't want to mess with my style :)

Sparkle Sweater: NY&Company (old)
Cords: NY&Company (recent)
Flats: Nine West (a couple of years ago)

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